a return to precious metals as the backing of our currency.

it would be enough.


  1. http://www.johncoulthart.com/feuilleton/2007/01/31/fantazius-mallare-and-the-kingdom-of-evil/

    you'll dig it the most

  2. hello,
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  3. Dude no,

    This entire monetary system is built on a fiat system because it is intended to encourage foreign investment, a move back to the gold standard, or any kind of metals back standard currency creates a means of not only allowing any entity large enough to make a big enough investment they could literally buy out the government and turn us into an Anarchocapitolist dictatorship almost over night.

    The ability to demand payment of that standard in for script currency to be handled in what ever the standard is backed by allows for large entities with enough capitol to literally buy America.

    This is Eddie by the way, just sayin hi!