hemmorage/bandaid scenario

If its a deep cut, you might have to sew it up.

End usury and you end poverty. the equation is simple, but it takes a lifetime to understand.
The fruit of this world must be harvested by all and shared by all.
Each individual must learn of this.
Enlightenment is false and hypocritical whilst others writhe in agony.
No amount of asceticism, deprivation or personal sacrifice can hope to equal the amount of suffering caused by USURY.
Even though you are a product of this...
Even though you would not exist if it weren't for the banks marching our populations off to war.
You owe the world no debt. and the world is hereby cleansed of wrong doing.
All attempts to enlist you into any kind of institution are inherently intrusive and arbitrary due to the indisputable fact of their reliance on FIAT CURRENCY, without which these institutions would be rubble.
the aftermath of such an equation: incalculable.
You cannot quantify human joy, nor control the actions of free individuals.
Combine these with an immovable vow of non-attack.
swear an oath of non-cruelty.
all is well that means well.

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  1. I have to totally disagree with this statement dude. Banks are evil, but they're a necessary evil just like cops.

    Spain began its road to abject poverty and down the road to conquest by adhering strictly to the doctrines of the Catholic Church. The Spaniards had very few bankers who were not Jews and eventually decided that kicking out the Jews was a good thing because it made sense according to the dictates of the Bible.

    Unfortunately, when people do not have the capacity to profit from loaning money to one another what happens? Almost no one will loan anyone any money and even the ones that well well only loan money to close friends and relatives. This stifles business enterprises and increases poverty. The reason we have made so much progress in the past 200 years is because we have begun the process of shedding the mysticism that is endemic to the Bible and a variety of religious institutions and the fact that almost every significant leader in the Semitic religions spoke out against usury should be a pretty good indication that it is actually a pretty good thing.